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Lessons, songs and magical poetry

Well at last I have managed to get this far. In fact it is one of the positive outcomes of COVID!

I have been recording some of my Elven Poems and Songs. I have also taken my Workshops online. The first course is now into its fourth month, much to my complete surprise at how quickly it has gone. Additionally, it has been in German! (My German has improved too! Lol)

So as I start to constructed the online audio recordings for this course (this will cover the essentials for working with powerful Fae) I am realising how blessed I am with travelling on this journey.

The audio recordings will be evolving along the path of the Old Ones, Shining Ones. The Ancient path of the Mystic Elves of Avalon. Whether you are new to this or are familiar with this, there seems to be something to learn for each of us. This includes me.

The recording are loosely based on the teachings of the AwaywiththeFae 1 year course. But with the intent to get the real foundations that are necessary in place before the active Magic begins.

There will be plenty of magical content to investigate in the Area of Plans. This will help you to develop, whilst supporting me to develop more content. We support each other.

Here is to our mutual support of the wonder filled world of Fae.

I will be launching the Plans very soon.

Brightest Blessings

Vivienne of Lorien