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New Pendants and Workshop confirmed in Berlin

Greetings People of Earth. Eeeek.

What does one put in a Blog.

Never had one.

Well I was 5 weeks in America and it certainly was a different world from the one I discovered further down in the same Country. But that is the way of America. So VAST and changeable!

Here are a couple of pictures of pendants I made recently. I have a show on the weekend after next and then I will be putting them on the website. A couple have already been claimed. Ha, next problem. How does one get the pics to stay the same way up!

If I can solve that one I will post some more Pics. Nah! Not working. Lol. Lean your head to the right. Or turn your laptop over. Ha solved.

Continuing with the news, I am doing a workshop in Berlin. 23rd Nov 2018. Zenit Buchhandlung (Book shop)

I am also doing the same workshop in Eastbourne. Date is yet to be decided as Christmas is nearly upon us.

The title is

The True Essence of Wizardry!

Working with the Natural Consciousness of Nature Spirits and Elementals.

Tapping into this phenomenon is a way forward to healing and changing the world.

In this first workshop we will work on the basics to build a solid way of working with the immensely powerful consciousnesses of Nature that are around us. A powerful and informative prelude to further workshops.

Well I had better eat before I fall over!

Brightest Blessings