Sacred Ceremonies


These Sacred ceremonies are very different. 

They are neither Pagan, Druid or other styles of Hand Fasting.

The first stage of an Elven wedding is a pledging for 1 year to your partner.

This is done with a Silver ring.

A Tree is chosen as the Blessing Tree.

An Elven Queen is generally the overseer for the ceremony.

This is one of the Poems that is read at the ceremony. 

A Marriage of Elves Is a merging of minds
as clear as crystal and as bright
as a dewdrop hanging on a blade of grass
An Elfin marriage is Elements
and Nature and a turning in.
Their harmony is the Beauty & Silence
that greets you under the forest canopy
Their Love is the Deep secrets
shared of the unfolding of the seasons.
May these blessings be with you
on this special Day

Elves Love Poetry.

They also receive their Elfin Names.  These are important, as they tell of their lives before they became Human.  It bridges the worlds and helps them get the connection back to the Elven World.

After 1 year, they then celebrate on the anniversary, their pledges are then made solid for this Earth Walk and for when they return to their Elf Walk.

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