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My many lives within this lifetime

Working with Nature Consciousness

We all have a journey within a journey. 

Our human life within civilisation and how we journey through the maze of our culture.

Our human existance and spiritual journey of learning..


My early life started fairly normally. (coughs slightly at this, I have quite a few stories to tell!)

My mother was a very talented Artist and generally thought outside the box, (but suffered from one of levels of Bipolar, this one was called Hyper Manic).. This I feel was a great help in my early life as I became creative through this.  My mothers journey was very challenging in so many ways. And through that, mine also. 

I left home early as I was a fairly mature due to my childhood and left UK at 21 to live in Germany. I followed a fairly normal life, working as a teacher, translator, did  accounting and many other jobs. Including teaching English. Eventually I returned to UK as I had started to get visions and felt it was time to return to my homeland.

Now I am partly going into the variety of my life as it holds many keys to who and what I am. Also that it shows that my life has been fairly normal and also fairly unusual. But what I have understood is that nothing is by chance and that life brings us many blessings, even when they are in the form of challenges. Even when I lost the central vision in my right eye (fairly traumatic on many levels and blocked my ability to be logical in some areas), I have understood that it led me on the path I am on now.  That doesn't mean that I don't still struggle with my inability to organise myself, which used to be easy for me.  

But it gave me precious insights into how others perceptive the world. It taught me compasion for those who don't have good eyesight and how confusion comes through the loss of the dominant eye and to keep being resourceful.  I found a way round most things to be able to continue with my creative endeavours.

My biggest lesson in life is don't be a victim of it.

Not always easy. Grasp the signs of movement and follow what makes you happy, even if it is only a hobby. 

My journey, that I follow, helped me through many horrendous experiences. It still leads me now. I am lit by it's beauty and the knowledge that it is but a thought away and is with me always.

Welcome to the Land of Fae.

Weave some magic into your life

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