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How it all began

Working with Nature

I started to work consciously with Nature Spirits  in the early 90's, but for a long time I did not know what was happening as energy would just whoosh through me. 

Eventually, things started to make sense, as I followed my heart and the messages. 

This has evolved into my main passion...  Making Tools for a Human life. 

This helps those of us who are sensitive to these energies and every now and then need support on an energetic level.  One of those is a FREE energy attunement to help those who have picked something up energetically and are feeling uncomfortable which assists with clearing and balancing sound and can be accessed at anytime.  This came about as many who have done my courses and worked with me, found I had the tools to clear them quickly. I offer that to those who have made or want to make a decision to move forward in the work of helping Nature.  As part of the work of this website, is to bring us, who work in this way, closer to one another.

Weave some magic into your life

Vivienne's Sacred Offerings

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